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Understanding Book Royalties With Traditional Publishing

A detailed explanation of how book royalties work in traditional publishing, helping authors make informed financial decisions.

Why Mailing Lists Are CRITICAL

This post will discuss the importance of building a mailing list for marketing and sales, and provide tips on how to build and maintain one.

Exploring Other eBook Retailers: Beyond Amazon

This article will introduce readers to other eBook retailers like Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play, and discuss the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited distribution vs going wide.

The Role of Beta Readers in Self-Publishing

The importance of beta readers in the self-publishing process and tips on how to find and work with them.

To Series or Not To Series? That Is The Question!

Should you write a series or stick to standalone? This article will help you make an informed decision.

The Power of Book Reviews and How to Get Them

The importance of book reviews in boosting sales and some strategies on how to get them.

Leveraging Social Media for Book Promotion

Practical tips on how to use social media platforms effectively to promote your book, including what to do if you're an introvert

Building Your Author Brand: A Primer

A step-by-step guide on how to build a strong author brand, and why that’s a key factor in long-term success.

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