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- Wendell
CEO of CorreiaTech,
Purveyors of good taste
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Why Choose Bestseller Life?

  • ​Unmatched Value: While other courses can cost thousands, Bestseller Life's Early Access is priced at just $399 (or three easy payments of $150), giving you the best bang for your buck.
  • Lifetime Access: Your one-time payment includes lifetime access to all course materials, future updates, revisions, handouts, exercises, and special savings on writing tools.
  • ​​Unique Expertise: Learn from Michaelbrent Collings, an award-nominated, bestselling author with a proven track record in multiple genres and hands-on experience in every aspect of self-publishing.
  • ​Making The World A Better Place: A portion of EVERY SINGLE SALE will go to charity!

"Michaelbrent teaches how the writing business is, not how you want it to be. Michaelbrent dispenses truth bombs, not platitudes."

- Larry Correia
NY Times Bestselling author
and multiple Dragon and Audie award winner

Superfluous Marketing Dog™ raves:

"This course is the best thing ever. Get it, or I will use my real-life flamethrower on you."

- Superfluous Marketing Dog™
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Bestseller Life/Correitech
Uprising Empire Coup Doomsday Cult
Totally Legit and Not at All Terrifying Partnership

Meet Your Instructor

International Bestseller, Multiple Bram Stoker Award and Dragon Award Finalist, and Produced Screenwriter Michaelbrent Collings Is Partnering With Larry Correia To Bring You Success, Versatility, and Hands-On Expertise:

  • ​SUCCESS: Michaelbrent's books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and boast tens of millions of Kindle Unlimited page reads, and he is the only author ever to be a finalist for the Dragon Award (multiple times), Bram Stoker Award (multiple times), and RONE Award.
  • ​VERSATILITY: Best known for horror and thrillers, Michaelbrent has been voted one of the Top 20 Greatest All-Time Horror Writers. He's also had bestsellers in a dozen genres, including mystery, fantasy, science fiction, humor, nonfiction, urban fantasy, dystopian, romance, and YA and middle-grade books.
  • ​HANDS-ON EXPERTISE: Unlike other successful indie authors, Michaelbrent has personally managed every aspect of his self-publishing career, from writing to marketing, PR, media, interior layout, and cover design (which have also been up for awards).

"You get Bestseller Life and follow good words or me get high on cookie dust and find you. You no want me find you. You never see me coming, just smell cookie smell with last breath and then I scoop out you eyes with me Tactical Melon Baller and find youself dancing in you own entrails in halls of Valhalla."


Government operative and
CEO of Googly Merc, Inc.

Transform Your Writing and Publishing Journey With Bestseller Life:

  • LEARN from an industry expert: Gain insights from a professional with years of experience in EVERY aspect of self-publishing.
  • COMPREHENSIVE course content: Master everything from storytelling techniques to marketing and promotion strategies.
  • EXCLUSIVE community access: Connect directly with Michaelbrent, as well as other like-minded authors. Share ideas and grow together in our members-only group.
  • STEP-BY-STEP action plans: Implement proven strategies and methods to turn your writing dreams into reality.
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What you get with THEM

  • Almost $600!!!
  • Taught by the author of around 20 novels, with FEWER THAN TWENTYTOTAL AMAZON REVIEWS COMBINED
  • Focuses on basic writing techniques
  • Almost $600!!!
  • Taught by an author whose 20 books have FEWER than 20 Amazon reviews--COMBINED
  • Focuses on basic writing techniques

What you get with US

  • Lower cost, MORE STUFF!!
  • ​Taught by the author of more than 50 novels, with TENS OF THOUSANDS of AMAZON REVIEWS
  • Comprehensive writing, publishing, and marketing lessons
  • A lower price for more!
  • Taught by the author of more than 50 titles, with TENS OF THOUSANDS of AMAZON and GOODREADS REVIEWS
  • Hundreds of comprehensive writing, publishing, and marketing lessons

What you get with THEM

  • Only $450, but...
  • Just teaches character creation
  • A one-month class
  • ​ $450? Great. Only...
  • Just teaches character creation
  • A one-month class

What you get with US

  • But Bestseller Life is STILL LESS EXPENSIVE)!
  • ​​Focuses on EVERYTHING
  • LIFETIME access to HUNDREDS of lessons, handouts, exercises, and more
  • Still cheaper!
  • Focuses on EVERYTHING
  • LIFETIME access to HUNDREDS of lessons, handouts, exercises, and more

What you get with THEM

  • ​Courses cost as much as $2,000!
  • Dozens of instructors (class quality will vary!)
  • Courses last for a few months only--and then you're done
  • Courses cost as much as $2,000 🤮
  • Dozens of instructors (class quality will vary!)
  • Courses last for a few months only--and then you're done

What you get with US

  • Way less expensive!!
  • ​​Just a single instructor...who's done it ALL
  • Did we mention LIFETIME access to HUNDREDS of lessons, handouts, exercises (and even more on the way!)?
  • WAY less expensive.
  • Just a single instructor...who's done it ALL
  • Did we mention LIFETIME access to HUNDREDS of lessons, handouts, exercises (and even more on the way!)?

"I urge you NOT purchase this amazing Bestseller Life deal. It will make you mean and nasty and probably will turn your children into weak-willed simpletons because that's what happens to people like you, you mean, nasty people. And I know you're nasty because I can recognize it as something I'd never be! You buttholes."

- Straw Larry
Bestest Arguer In The Internet Of All Time EVER

"I am always going to be grateful to Michaelbrent for what he's done for me. Take his will make you a better writer!"

- Michael Darling
# 1 Amazon bestseller and
Award-winning author

I've taught thousands of people...
teaching them how to become their own best story, because I KNOW HOW TO DO IT.
But don't just take my word for it...

Five stars


"[Collings is] an entertaining speaker and the exercises were thought provoking and varied."

- Rebecca Lyons

Five stars


"Michaelbrent's course...was fantastic! I particularly enjoyed the sections on the myth of writer's block and on marketing. Also of note was Michaelbrent's ability to deliver the course--I could tell by the way he naturally delivered his message that he really knew his stuff. Well done, Mr. Collings!"

- James Beers

Five stars


"Very well done course. It taught me so much I never knew before. Highly recommended."

- Dennis Smith

Five stars


"I've been working through Michaelbrent's lessons, and the key is working. He gives you plenty of solid guidance and direction to practice...Well worth the time and money for anyone...If you're serious about learning the craft, let Michaelbrent guide some of your steps along the way."

- Dave Loynd

Five stars


"I don't know if I CAN say anything good about [Michaelbrent]...I can only say things that are great and above. You're always very knowledgeable, but also so supportive!"

- Anna F. Marasco

Five stars


"Michaelbrent offers clear guidance for fiction writers regarding what to do (and what NOT to do) to create compelling stories readers can't resist. I can't recommend his courses enough."

- Troy Lambert, Author of the Max Boucher Series,
Book Coach, and the President of the Idaho Writers Guild.

What Will You Learn From Bestseller Life?

  (Tap each button below to see details!)  


• Methods for finding THOUSANDS of fans who will sign up for your newsletters

• Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for advertising your book on Amazon, Facebook, and more

• Simple explanations and breakdowns to help you understand marketing analytics like a pro

• Examples of some of my ads you can copy for your own

• The methods I've used to get tens of thousands of book reviews for FREE

• Bestselling methods for successful book launches

• Step-by-step instructions for following my own marketing timeline to ensure maximum exposure

• Elements of a great book cover

• How to create fans who will sell your book for you

• How to create a professional-looking ebook in just a few clicks

• How to layout and prep books for paperback and hardcover

• Learn to create eye-popping ads and images

• Places you can get FREE images and software for your ads and covers

• Elements of a great book cover

• Step-by-step instructions on how to upload YOUR STORY to major ebook retailers

• Bestselling techniques for successful book launches

• Differences and strategies for selling wide vs. using Kindle Unlimited

• Audiobook creation and publishing

• The secret to conquering writer's block...FOREVER

• The single indicator of a "real" writer

• Principles of telling a story

• Structure (aka, the mysterious "three-act arc")

• Why character matters

• Dialogue tools and tricks

• Conflict and how to create it while "keeping it real"

• Setting as character

• Principles of suspense (the most important tool of any successful writer)

• Principles of horror and comedy (and why they are almost the same thing)

• Principles of mystery

• Principles of romance

• Principles of sci-fi/fantasy

• Anatomy of a scene

• Differences between books, screenplays, comics, and more...

• How to beat Writer's Block...FOREVER

• Discover how to sell without feeling boastful

• Ways to deal with impostor syndrome

• Strategies for interacting successfully even if you're an introvert

• How to create fans who will sell your book for you

• Find happiness in YOUR Bestseller Life

Backed By A

100% Guarantee!

Don't like the course? No problem--just email us within 7 days to request a cancellation and refund and we'll give it to you...



Don't like the course? No problem--just email us within 7 days to request a cancellation and refund and we'll give it to you...


MbC And His Work Have Been Reviewed, Interviewed, And Featured On...

Want to learn Michaelbrent's methods for getting FREE reads, reviews, and attention?

Other Authors Say...

Picture of author Kevin J Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson,
NY Times bestselling co-author of Dune: House Atreides

"Michaelbrent Collings is engaged, personable, and interesting as a writing teacher. Even better, he knows what he's talking about!"

Picture of author Darcy Coates

Darcy Coates,
USA Today bestseller

"Michaelbrent Collings knows self-publishing inside and out."

Picture of author Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author and creator of V-Wars

"Michaelbrent has an encyclopedic knowledge of genre and a talent for sharing that information in a fun, engaging, and wonderfully nerdy way."

Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn,
NY Times bestselling author and host of The Creative Penn

"Michaelbrent is on my (very) short list of go-to people when I need help in my writing career."

Picture of author Darren Shan

Darren Shan,
author of the globally bestselling Cirque du Freak

"You're in good hands with Michaelbrent Collings!"

Picture of author Rebekka Ganiere

Rebekah Ganiere,
USA Today bestseller and Emmy-nominated producer

"To learn from Michaelbrent is to learn from the best. I've been writing for years and I still look forward to learning more every time I take one of his classes or workshops."

"Seriously. Get deal or else me go Full Cookie Madness on you. Got Cookie Tank for blowings up and then nom-nom on cookies while drinking milk from skulls of peoples who cross me."


Government operative and
Bane Of The Unknown Village

* Please note: Interstellar Lord of Hate is not to be confused with the Interdimensional Lord of Hate (Larry Correia of Earth #345-B-98081). International Lord of Hate is the current official title for "our" Larry, but this is purely a technicality at this point, as we have been assured that the paperwork has been finished for the official promotion and we're just waiting for Tom Stranger to sign the DOFYJS Verification of Interstellar Insurance Compliance Form #169-J-00561 for the final official announcement of Larry's final promotion/ascension.

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